Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Wall of Happiness

The last week of school can be rough and  that's where I am right now.  What else is rough?  The week before spring break.  At our school, we went 9 weeks without a day off.  No snow days, in-services, or even half days.  By the time spring break rolls around, the students (and staff!) are done.  I needed a quick lesson that would be simple and hold their attention without them thinking they were doing school work.

I took inspiration from this post on Pinterest from ELA in the Middle.  I asked students "What makes you happy?"  I got responses ranging from video games to family to pizza.  Students then took their ideas to decorate a 4x6 index card for our Wall of Happiness.

After all the K-5 classes had decorated an index card, I glued the cards to larger pieces of construction paper.  This made it easier to attach to the wall.  6 large papers rather than 200 individual index cards makes a big difference when I will pull the staples from the wall.

Here's the final result:

Next year, I'm going to create a border and call it a Happiness Quilt.


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